Application Development


New Application Challenge

Developing new technology applications in today's highly competitive marketplace is much more challenging than it was even a few years ago. Organizations must now consider complex issues like security, branding, optimization, and integration with partners and customers. And many executives today are demanding a quick return on investment for any new application that's built.

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We Have the Answers

Avvenire Solutions has the expertise and experience necessary to architect, design and implement mission critical business solutions. We understand the complexities and demands involved in developing a full-scale technology application. Our experienced consultants understand a wide variety of technologies, application servers and integration methods, and leverage formal project management and a phased approach to develop and implement successful applications that will meet your business requirements.

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The Approach We Take

We begin by considering all dimensions of an application to provide customers with a truly holistic solution. We assess the business environment goals and technical infrastructure, both as it is today and as it is envisioned for tomorrow. We examine the development environment, consider the staff's skills, enumerate integration points and interfaces as well as identify opportunities for reuse. Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients, tailoring our approach to their specific business situation and working closely with their team to deliver a customized, cost-effective solution. We utilize the latest Microsoft development solutions including Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server to deliver custom applications that satisfy business and technical requirements.

Avvenire's Methodology Includes:

  • CLARIFY - Understand business needs, long-term goals, competitive landscape and operating and technical environment. Agree on business objectives and success criteria.
  • ARCHITECT - Conceptual design of application and identify potential risks. Create initial project plan.
  • DESIGN - Functional specification of application, integration, and user interface. Mitigate risks.
  • DEVELOP - Finalize project plan and team roles and responsibilities. Build final product.
  • LAUNCH - Manage change control processes. Go-Live and provide end-user and administrative support.
  • ENHANCE - Monitor and analyze solution against defined success criteria. Present recommendations for next release of application enhancement.