System Center Configuration Manager 1511 (CB)


With the new release of Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), there’s numerous changes and new features that make the lives of a ConfigMgr admin easier.  This post will detail some of these cool new features, possible upgrade paths, some gotchas, and business impact.  Additionally, I’ll provide references to published information from leading experts in the field.  This means we won’t be reinventing the wheel here.  The purpose of this article is to provide you, the IT admin, a central location to review information about all of these new capabilities and provide some answers to questions you’ve most likely already been asked:

  1. How do the changes to Microsoft offering ConfigMgr as a service affect me?
  2. How does this new version change the way I approach a Windows 10 upgrade and manage these devices?
  3. How can we collectively lessen reliance on IT for basic support functions, empower end users, but still provide a layer of control?
  4. Does InTune still play a role for my company in MDM or does the new on-premise MDM capabilities of Configuration Manager provide sufficient functionality for our needs?

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Why You Need UX Design

UX DesignThe web has become increasingly competitive and complex over the years. What used to be simple websites viewed on desktops and laptops has now become rich content experiences across a myriad of devices both stationary and mobile. This has effectively changed the way we interact with the web, how we consume it, for how long and where. How do we try to manage all of this? The answer is UX design, AKA User Experience. read more “Why You Need UX Design” >

Free Exchange Hybrid Server License for Office 365

For customers wanting to take advantage of the hybrid model for migrations or coexistence, Microsoft is now offering a Hybrid Server license free of charge. The Hybrid server is not a custom version of Exchange, but one with CAS and Hub roles for Exchange 2010 and CAS and Mailbox roles for Exchange 2013. Mailboxes are not allowed to be hosted on this server and its only role is as a middle man in a hybrid deployment to Office 365. read more “Free Exchange Hybrid Server License for Office 365” >

Office 365 Pricing Plans for Business – What’s the Difference Between E1 and E3 Licenses?

Microsoft offers several pricing plans for business customers.  There are plans for small business, Enterprise, non-profit organizations and Education, but the most common question we get is “what is the difference between the E1 and the E3 license?”.  Currently the E1 plan is $8.00 per user per month and E3 plan is $20.00 per user per month.  So the big question is what do you get for the additional $12.00 per user per month?  There are several differences, but by far the biggest difference between the two plans is that the E3 subscription plan includes the local installation of the full Office Pro Plus suite on up to 5 PCs or Macs per user.  read more “Office 365 Pricing Plans for Business – What’s the Difference Between E1 and E3 Licenses?” >