Network Infrastructure

A robust, secure and highly available network infrastructure is the foundation for productive collaboration. Today’s business environment is challenging organizations in new and unprecedented ways. The combined realities of rapidly changing marketplaces, decreasing budgets, increasing demands for IT capabilities, and the complexities of managing mobile workforces are putting increased demands on network infrastructure and the teams that support them. Whether you are looking to develop a Cloud migration strategy, build a hybrid environment, or optimize your on-prem datacenter, Avvenire has the expertise to help you build a comprehensive plan of action.

The Avvenire Assessment

Avvenire Solutions can help you prepare your infrastructure for the deployment of business productivity solutions both on-prem and to the Cloud by providing network assessment and security audit services to determine what is required to develop the solution. Avvenire’s Microsoft Certified System Engineering and PMI Certified Project Management resources provide the skills and expertise necessary to architect and deploy complex solutions.