Want Better Collaboration? Shift Your Thinking

Want Better Collaboration? Shift Your Thinking

Is your business doing everything to maximize collaboration? Avvenire Solutions wants to help you get there with Office 365. In Office 365, OneNote gives you a centralized place to collect, organize, and share everyone’s notes across devices. Keep your ideas organized in multiple formats, including photos, videos, drawings, notes, and more. Your team collaboration can only go as far as your tools will allow. Contact Avvenire Solutions to find out how we can help with Office 365.

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The New Culture of Work: Don’t Get Left Behind

As digital transformation redefines the workplace, you might have teams collaborating across buildings, cities, and even countries. In the Forbes report, The New Culture of Work: Don’t Get Left Behind, discover how you can get ahead of workforce trends to securely drive team productivity and foster creativity. Then let Avvenire Solutions help you enable the next wave of collaboration with Microsoft Office 365.

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Unblocking workplace collaboration: five tools and strategies

The issues that prevent your small business from collaborating efficiently might seem like barriers you just have to live with. But there’s another way. Office 365 can help your business streamline communication, and eliminate slowdowns and confusion from version control and sharing documents. Avvenire Solutions is ready to aid your business in removing barriers to efficiency. You can start the journey to collaborative freedom by contacting us today.

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Seamless app completes award-winning omnichannel experience

Lindex is changing the way they do fast fashion by getting a quality app into the hands of their customers. Lindex uses Azure to quickly turn ideas into solutions so they can get up and running quickly. You can build applications with the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java, .NET, and more so you can use what you already know and love. Let Avvenire Solutions help you integrate Azure for a seamless transition. Contact us for more.

PRS for Music turns up its capabilities with Azure

PRS processes over 6 trillion music uses per year. That kind of usage would be too expensive to track normally, but with Azure, PRS can record all of those uses in record time and at a low cost. With Azure you can save up to 72 percent over pay-as-you-go pricing with an upfront one- or three-year commitment. You can even exchange or cancel at any time. Avvenire Solutions wants to help you adopt Azure. Contact us and check out this video on how PRS is helping artists collect royalties.

Malarenergi is leading the way in transformation of the energy market in the Nordics

Can you imagine cutting your power bill in half? Malarenergi, a Swedish energy company, is using Azure AI to help power cities. If Azure AI can be used for a business like Malarenegi, imagine what it could do for yours. Azure is an easy-to-use AI platform that is both economical and relevant to every business. Contact us at Avvenire Solutions to learn how we can help your business unlock the power of AI and check out this short video about Malarenergi.

Collaboration Game Changer: Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams are keeping Mott MacDonald connected

Does your team have all the tools you need to work together? Mott MacDonald, a global engineering firm, is giving their employees Office 365, so they can collaborate, no matter where they are in the world. With co-authoring, Office 365 lets you work in the same document with others on files stored in the cloud. You can even see where others are typing in Word 2016. Avvenire Solutions is determined to help you achieve that same level of collaboration. Contact us to find out more and check out this video for inspiration.

Empower Autonomous Teams To Accelerate Digital Delivery

All too often in business, there is a gap between strategy and execution. In this Forrester blog post, you’ll learn how digital leaders can reduce that gap and drive faster time-to-market by empowering autonomous teams and delegating decisions to those closest to customers. Contact Avvenire Solutions to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help your teams collaborate and better serve your customers.

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