Digital transformation: The three steps to success

Digital transformation can mean big changes for your organization. Along with the benefits of a digital transformation, you need to understand how your business will adapt to changing times.

Everything from the leadership style to the cultural Trojan horse, you should know what the challenges will be. Microsoft can help you address those changes and enable you to harness the power of technology to help reduce the complexity of managing a modern digital environment.

Where is your business in the digital transformation journey? Let Microsoft and Avvenire Solutions help you find your way.

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London Midland Firstline Workers streamline operations and stay connected with Office 365

London Midland is using Office 365 to help keep their employees engaged and happy while increasing their ability to meet a rapid demand. Avvenire Solutions is here to help you integrate a suite of tools that will increase your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Office 365 gives you access to familiar tools–like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook–where and when you need them. Workers can communicate freely on the cloud, reducing their downtime. Imagine what Office 365 can do for your business.

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Digital transformation with Microsoft

Technology enables us to reach impossible goals and disrupt the landscape of our industries. Harnessing that tech is another story. If you find your business isn’t embracing digital transformation, then it might be time to seek outside help.

We know technology is only useful if it helps you engage customers, empower employees, and reinvent businesses. That’s why at Avvenire Solutions, we want to help you find the right solutions to meet your needs and transform your business.

Contact us today to find out more. It’s time you unlocked the possibilities of a digital transformation.

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Customer Story: Marshall Public Schools

When implementing technology in schools, there is always a push and pull between security and freedom. Too much security and the technology will lose its usefulness to students and teachers. On the other hand, allowing students to access and download anything they want can pose significant security risks.

Using Windows 10 in S Mode, Marshall School District is able to strike the ideal balance between fostering creativity and collaboration in their students while ensuring each device is always kept secure. Students can graduate with a skillset that will allow them to excel in college and beyond.

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How your company’s IT group must change to support digital transformation

The digital transformation of your business can be a difficult endeavor, but well worth the effort, especially in digital readiness. Avvenire Solutions wants your organization to be digitally ready for whatever comes your way.

Azure cloud services can help your business become more productive, agile, and reliable by integrating scalable infrastructure and simplified management capabilities. Azure gives your IT team the tools they need to drive operations.

We want to help you integrate Azure. Contact us for more information and a custom adoption strategy today.

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How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization

A successful data and analytics cost reduction strategy requires an holistic approach. Avvenire Solutions knows that can mean serious changes for your organization, so we want to help you come up with a plan.

Azure data services offer a cost-effective path for migrating hundreds or thousands of SQL Server databases with minimal effort. With Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Database, your team will be set up to reduce costs and drive revenue.

We want you to have the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your data migration to Azure.

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Using AI to improve customer experience

From auto dialing cold calls to ticket scalpers, AI bots can be a detriment to productive commerce. But for every case of bad actors, there’s a more powerful instance of AI being used for good. The power behind AI is attractive and Avvenire Solutions wants to help you leverage it for your organization.

With Azure AI, you can work across teams to build, test, and manage different versions of your models in production with Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning, so you can build AI applications that suit your needs.

Let us help you integrate AI and enhance your customer and employee experience. Message us to find out more.

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Three ways Cloud solutions can benefit your workplace collaboration

With readily available cloud computing everywhere in the world, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that things will ever go back to on-premises. While there’s no going back, Avvenire Solutions knows that moving forward can be a tricky process, so we want to help.

With Office 365, you can connect employees with modern tools. Engage workers and optimize processes with updates and alerts. Use chat and IM presence to make teams more agile and unified.

Your journey to the cloud should be unique to your firm, so contact us to find more on how we can help personalize your transformation to the cloud.

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Six types of remote workers and how to support them

Working remotely is important for many employees. But how is your business connecting with them? Avvenire Solutions is here to help you connect to your workers with a cloud-based suite of tools.

Office 365 connects businesses with customers, coworkers, and suppliers, so that your company can maintain the mobility and flexibility that your team members need.

Avvenire Solutions wants to help you connect with the people that matter the most to your organization. Contact us to find out more on why businesses are moving to the cloud.

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