Spanish Telco Builds Digital Assistant Based on Natural Language Bot

Technology is now learning our language instead of the other way around. Let Avvenire Solutions connect you with advanced solutions you can use to engage your customers. Watch this video to see how quick and easy it was for a Spanish telco to build a natural language bot with Microsoft artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with. 346 million customers in 17 countries. Contact us to find out how we can help you keep pushing the boundaries of business.

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Next Games Powers Global Augmented Reality Game in Azure

You need cloud services that can scale at the rate of your business. And Avvenire Solutions is here to make sure you get infinite scalability with Microsoft Azure. When Next Games was developing the global, augmented reality game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, they needed a back end just as powerful and exciting. With scalable managed services and the ability to process massive amounts of geo-dispersed data, it was Azure for the win. Let us help your business get to the next level with the right solutions.

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Powering the Franchise Business Model with Azure

Now it’s possible to migrate your critical workloads to the cloud with 0% downtime. And Avvenire Solutions is here to ensure your journey goes smoothly from start to finish with Microsoft cloud services. See how BroadPeak Technologies was able to scale up a franchise ecosystem with Microsoft Azure with no disruption to their e-commerce business. Let us help you move up to Azure with ease.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of America–A Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can create a positive impact that reaches far beyond the doors of your organization. And Avvenire Solutions is here with the right solutions to get you there. See how Boys & Girls Clubs of America extended their reach by creating a new youth-facing platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and supported with Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to get started on your own transformation.

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Prepare for GDPR today with Microsoft 365

Digital technology is impacting everyone’s lives, from the way we connect to how we see the world. At Avvenire Solutions, we know that the GDPR is making doing business more challenging.

As industries continue to innovate, governments work to safeguard citizens’ personal data as we’ve seen with GDPR in the EU. If you have employees or customers in the EU, you now have an added responsibility to conform to GDPR. Luckily Microsoft makes it easy. With built-in GDPR compliance control, you can easily manage your compliance.

We want to help you integrate the tools you need for GDPR compliance. Contact us and read this white paper to prepare your business for GDPR.

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How to gain visibility and control of data in cloud apps

Identifying threats to your business and customers can be challenging. At Avvenire Solutions, we understand that challenge and want you to have the best tools to safeguard your customers and data.

With Microsoft 365, you can shape your cloud environment with granular controls and use out-of-the-box or custom policies for data sharing and data loss prevention. Leverage behavioral analytics to identify anomalies in your cloud environment that may be indicative of a breach. No matter your industry, Microsoft 365 can help you fight threats before they become a problem.

At Avvenire Solutions, we want to help you keep your data safe. Contact us and check out this infographic for more.

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Preparing for GDPR: Compliance management and information protection capabilities in Microsoft 365

Regardless of platform or file type, if you have customers or employees in the EU, then GDPR compliance applies to your organization. At Avvenire Solutions, we know it’s tough to manage compliance across the numerous file types that you deal with on a regular basis.

Microsoft’s information protection tools extend beyond Microsoft platforms, locations, and file types so you can manage your GDPR compliance seamlessly. With new tools and controls in Microsoft 365–including Office 365–it’s easy to prepare for GDPR.

We want to help you along your GDPR compliance journey. Contact us and watch this short video for more.

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How to Collaborate Without Burning Out

Is there such thing as driving too much collaboration? Read the article to get great insights into how you can leverage technology to enable healthy, productive collaboration without driving people toward burnout. Then contact Avvenire Solutions so we can help you get the right technology to drive efficient teamwork with Microsoft Office 365.

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A Paperless Way of Working Dawns for Czech Water Engineering Services Leader

If you’ve been holding back on creating paperless operating, now’s the time to make your move Microsoft. Watch the video to see how a Czech firm has transformed their mobile workforce by embracing Dynamics and Office 365. Avvenire Solutions is here to help you embark on your own transformation by setting you up with the right Microsoft solutions.

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GDPR Compliance – How Microsoft Meets Your Needs

To get GDPR compliant, it may seem like you need to hire a large legal team. We know that GDPR compliance may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but we’re here to help make it easier.

Microsoft is committed to being GDPR compliant. Building features and capabilities into products and services to assist you with your own GDPR compliance requirements, Microsoft will provide your team with timely notifications of breaches and empower you to audit security and privacy controls.

Avvenire Solutions and Microsoft will help you meet your policy, people, process, and technology goals on your journey to GDPR compliance. Contact us and read this white paper for more.

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